Sunday, January 11, 2015

Events on a seismic record

CMP gather

a = direct wave, V=650 m/s
b= refraction at base of weathering , V=1640 m/s
c= refraction from a flat refractor, Vr=4920 m/s
d= reflection from the refractor in c , V=1640 m/s
e= reflection from a flat reflector , V=1970 m/s
f= reflection from a flat reflector , V=2300 m/s
g= reflection from a dipping reflector V=2630 m/s
h= multiple of d
i = multiple of e
j= ground roll, V= 575 m/s
k= air wave, V=330 m/s

Reference : Sherrif, 1995. Exploration Seismology.

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