Sunday, January 11, 2015

Quick QC Seismic Processing

To do quick QC of Seismic processing, assumed that we are a geoscientist in Oil Company reviewing the progress of processed seismic by vendor, is to look the prestack seismic sorted into CMP gathers.

CMP gather is one very powerful technique for distinguishing between reflections, diffractions, reflected refractions, and multiples . The CMP gather to do QC must through worfklows like
(a) Weathering and elevatation static corrections, because the correction is the same for all arrival times on a given trace.
(b) Normal moveout.

Provided the correct normal moveout has been removed, reflections appear as straight lines, whereas diffractions and multiples still have curvature, becuase their normal moveouts are larger than those of primary reflections, and refractions have inverse curvature.

(Sherrif, 1995. Exploration Seismology)

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