Thursday, March 26, 2015

Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy

An example of lateral relationships between sands and clays in a deep-water setting. Well A drilled a sandy sequence, Well B a clay sequence of similiar thickness and overall age. It is impossible for sands and clays of similiar thickness to be equivalent in age. There must be gaps in the sand sequence. Onlap relationships can be used to locate the gaps and assess their magnitude.

Fundamental shape relationships between deposits of sand-sized and clay-sized grains.
(a) A current transporting sand-sized grains flows into a deep water body from the left and slows down. A tapering bed is deposited. 
Further in the basin clay-sized grains are deposited out from the suspension load in (b) 

Sketches showing how the shape of a clastic body can influence subsequent sedimentation. 

Reference : Practical Seismic Interpretation, Michael E. Badley 

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