Saturday, June 6, 2015

Seismic Facies Analysis

In certain circumstances, it can be a powerfull asset to seismic facies analysis to describe properties such as reflection continuity, frequency and amplitude. Unless there is high well density, these attributes are highly qualitative. Continuous reflections imply uniformity of lithology and discontinuous reflection imply laterally varying lithologies. Reflection continuity is highly prone to interference of noise and multiples, and it's easy to 'over-interpret' lateral and vertical variations in continuity and ascribe genuine lithological reasons for the variability when processing or acquisition artefacts are to blame. Peg-leg multiples generated in an overlying horizontal sequence can produce discontinuity in an underlying dipping continuous sequence simply by interference. These pitfalls also apply to the generation of false onlaps and downlaps particulary in sequences with low signal to noise ratio.

(Deltaic Sedimentation and Its seismic Expression, T. Elliot)

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